Friday, July 27, 2007


FO and UFO update

So I finally finished Dad's socks. I began the saga here with a first attempt at a space dye. I personally love them but after speaking to both the BF and my Mom they are worried that they are a little too loud for my Dad. I ended up rinsing the finished socks in a weak brown dye and it muted them down a little. I hope he likes them!

Next up is a prize!! I participate in the Sunday Spin Along and for tutorial #3 I was the lucky winner!! For my Turkish Knot yarn. Diane sent along this lovely package of goodies. There is some handspun silk/merino, a couple of very pretty stitch markers, and some Wensydale locks that look like they will be fun to play with. Thanks Diane!

Beside the alpaca fleece you can see a silk scarf I am making from some silk nolis yarn I got at Knit-Knackers. It was undyed so I promptly dunked it in some sky blue wiltons. I love the colour. The pattern is from Victorian Lace Today (page 80). It is a very easy scarf - almost too easy - and the silk is great.

These two are just for my pleasure. When I finished the Tour de Fleece I realized I didn't have quite enough yardage for what I had in mind (a super warm, wooly vest). So on my last Knit-Knackers pligramage I picked up a pound of merino fleece for the whopping price of $6. It is now washed and dyed and I managed to felt it just a little. The carding is taking care of it but looking now at the beautiful crimp I regret that I didn't treat it more gently. I know I won't finish this in the tour deadline but I will finish it by Septmeber and hopefully I will have started the vest.

All is progressing. I'm having a blast on Ravelry (I'm sner - feel free to add me as a friend) and I'm only slowly starting to get bored of this whole summer vacation thing.

Hello! I spotted you on ravelry in the Ottawa KnitNites group and dropped in to say hello. I am also a knitter, spinner and like to keep Sarita in nailpolish over at Knit Knackers.

I am on ravelry where I go by ambergem so feel free to drop by or come by my blog.

Your spinning is gorgeous!
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