Saturday, June 16, 2007


Sample spinning and a cool vest

I swear I've been working away for the past month and a bit. The summer is comming and I am almost as excited as my students. Here's what I've been up to lately.

This is some sampling I've been doing for the summer spinning I'm planning. Left to right and then top we have: Rambouillet from Knit-Knackers (Previously dyed here but just now spinning it.), Romney purchased from etsy that I'm carding and spinning (it is lovely stuff - very shiny), a sheltand and alpaca blend I tried with my hand cards, some Tunis fleece from the same etsy seller (SDSpin), and at the top a superwash merino/seacell blend from ebay. I have a pound of the seacell blend and can't wait to sink my hands into it serioulsy!

Next up is Berroco's Badia. I knit is out of a cotten/linen blend from Katia (papiro). It was a pleasure to work with. The pattern originally had the cable and lace on the back as well but I didn't like the idea of that so I just did a plain back. I was very lucky with the gauge gods on this one. I knit the enitre back on needles one size smaller than the front but it still turned out ok. I think I should have made it a little longer. I always forget how much real estate my boobs take up ;-)

Sorry for the crappy pic - no one was home to help out!

And it being Dad's day here are Dad's latest socks.

They are loosely based on the "railway stitch socks" from Knitting Vintage Socks. I really only took the stitch pattern as my Dad dosen't really need calf shaping. The yarn is Austermann Step and Jawoll for the heel and toe. Don't tell him there's aloe in there - he might not wear them.

Detail shot. I wasn't really sold on this pattern as I knit it. before it was stretched out it really looked like nothing.

All in all I am very pleased and now with an 8" leg maybe he won't complain about them being too short!

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