Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've Finished the Tour!!

Woo Hoo - the tour is finished (with the possibility of an extension - details to follow). I finished up the spinning last night. Three of the four final bobbins on the left. I plied two bobbins worth last night and the rest this morning. I am very pleased!

In the end I have just a little over 600 yards of Bulky weight Tunis (about 10 wraps per inch). I didn't really pay attention to the colours of the rolags as I spun. I just went for the box and spun whatever came to hand. I have mostly purples and greens and blues here but a little white I through in for fun.

I knit up a little swatch with size 9 needles and I'm pretty happy with the fabric. My carding needs a little work - I had a lot of little neps that I pulled out as I spun.

I don't think I have enough for the vest I had imagined. What I think I will do is go to Knit-Knackers and grab some fleece. I know they have Ramboulette and Merino. I already have some Ramboulette in the mix here but I think I'd like to try the Merino. I will dye it solid blue and spin it up to create the bottom ribbing and the neck and arm ribbings. It will be very warm and very cozy. I can't wait!

To come very soon - my visit to an alpaca farm and what followed me home. . . .

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