Thursday, July 05, 2007


So this is what teachers do when they go on vacation!

I have been spinning my hands off and loving every free minute I have now. I'm not completely off the hook - I'm doing an online course of a Special Education speacialist which is pretty intense.

This is the resulting yarn from a huge batt I got at last November's Ottawa Spinner and Weavers Guild Show (original here). It is a super bulky. There are 13oz and 496 yards give or take. I'm very proud of myself for finishing all of this!

This is a first attempt at Turkish Knot yarn for the Sunday Spin Along. It was really interesting to try.

The roving was a Fleece Artist Wensleydale. It was only 50grams and in the end I had 88 yards of very unique yarn.

Detail shot of above.

The only thing I decided to try was space dyeing. Dad's B-Day is comming up and I know he will want new socks. I'm tired to death of knitting him plain brown socks (Mom's answer - Knit black sock - blah). I had some Knit Picks bare that needed to have something done to it so here we go.

I used Wilton's Dark Copper, Moss Green, and Brown and the techniques I'm learning from Dyeing to Knit.

Here is the final product after re-skeining.

I'm really really happy with it! It will be an adventure to knit it up. I don't know if it will be Dad"ish" enough but I'm going to give it a try.

There's been some FO's as well but I'll save those for tomorrow.

That dye job is pretty nice! I've only used Kool-Aid, but I just got a set of Wilton's and my Secret Pal sent me some acid dyes.
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