Sunday, April 22, 2007


See - Twice!

Yay, I managed twice before the month was out!!

Here we see the Biscotti socks finished. Details here or below.

The yarn is super shiny and comfy. The stitches did seem to even out after I was finished.

I have 8oz of merino tencel wool to spin up from Susan in Clematis which is not first on the list to spin but is lovely. The purchase in the first place was to bolster an order for her spinning wheel drive bands. It also works really well. I will buy from her again!

I finished this last week too (it was a busy week).

This is -of course- the Kiri. It was made up with three balls of Kid Silk Spray (purchased at a ridiculous price, details here). The pattern was so much fun to follow and I ended up with almost the exact size in the pattern.

Fancy detail shot to show the fuzzyness.

I got to try out my new blocking wires on this pattern. It made the process so much more pleasurable.

Next up a very pretty skein of sock yarn from Madelinetosh. It's part of her project spectrum sock a long and while I'm not actively participating in the "along" I am loving these colours!! These are going to be a super summer sock very very soon.

Last but not least is the scarf I made from the roving I showed you a couple posts ago (here to be exact).

The roving was amazing to spin and the scarf is exactly what I wanted, light and colourful.

Well, I think that's all the news from here. I'm sure I'll be back soonish ;-)

So many pretty things here! The Kiri shawl is gorgeous.
Busy indeed! Handspun FOs are so very rewarding, eh? Love your scarf, Kiri looks soft - let us know how it is using the blocking wires.
Hello fellow BHum grad! :D What a small world :)
I want to know if you finished the Breton jacket. I am thinking of making it. You only mentiond it once - did you give up on it?! I'd love to see a finished version other than the dimly lit one in IW.
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