Sunday, December 03, 2006


Can we all say Score!

So last night I went to Knit-Knackers on a whim because I happened to be out that way and did I ever score. They specialize in odd balls at a really good price and that is exactly what I got. Usually when I go in with something in mind I never find it but last night I discovered the secret to this store - shop with no pre-conceptions. I only brought home $30 of yarn
but the actual worth is huge!

This lovely teal 50/50 Alpaca/Wool is going to be a cable cap for someone for Xmas. I did a little research and it usually goes for $7US (that $3.99 Canadian man). But lovely as it is it isn't the real score for the night!

Um, that right - Kidsilk for $4.99. Most places have it going for $14.99 US. There were mostly one offs (one purple / one pink / one white) but I managed to dig through and find four matching - enough for a nice sized stole. It is beyond beautiful and the hand is amazing. I just want to hold it all the time!

And just so that this post isn't totally assy - one of the last Xmas gifts I need to finish. This is a handspun fair-isle hat that I designed. It's for my Dad. I used the Shetland that I spun up and showed last post and some of the mystery batt that I picked up at the Spinners Guild show. It's not perfet but the design is one that had been "Dad's doodle" for years. I remember when I was little Dad showing me how to draw that symbol and I thought it was magic how you could make lines look like they were going under and over each other. I hope he likes it!

Gorgeous work on that hat for your dad. I think it's really cool.

Nice haul of yarn, too.
Great score!

I love the hat for your dad. And the fact that the design is something he drew is so great. I'm sure he'll be thrilled with it. What a great present to receive!
Oh, he's going to love it! Great job on re-creating your dads doodle. I'm sure it will mean that much more to him, and you did it all from scratch - amazing!

Good job on the yarn haul - kid silk crack is so lovely to work with!
Fantastic hand-spun hat! The design is great and I didn't know anyone else had their own personal doodle! I'll aspire to get mine in a piece of knitting someday - thanks for the inspiration!
Wow, that hat is the coolest thing I've ever heard of. Using your dad's doodle as a motif? priceless. Really, truly awesome.
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