Sunday, March 25, 2007


It's been HOW long?

Never mind - I'm a bad blogger, I know it. There's nothing for me to do but put up some pictures and hope for the best!

So the One Skein that you saw last time needed a little surgery. My mom tried it on and she's about the same size as sis and the sewn on lace edging was super tight (I really need to learn how to knit edging on but it scares me a little). So I ripped it all back (whimper) and put on a simple ribbed sleeve ending.

I think it looks way more casual now but I still think it is very wearable. The fact that it is 100% slik should add to the luxury factor!

I truly love this pattern and have made it time and time again (I think I'm up to 5 or 6 for various and sundry people). I'm tempted to get Glampyre's new book but I worry that the patterns wouldn't be flattering for a big busted gal such as myself.

Next up is the sock parade. This is made from Lisa Sousa's fabulous merino sock yarn in Gendarme. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed using this stuff and I can't get over the yardage. I have size 10 women's feet and even with a 7" leg I still have tonnes left over after the second sock! It also made a lovely spiral all the way down on both socks. I may as well just give Lisa my credit card now. There will be many more orders from this lovely woman. Espically after hearing her speak on Stash and Burn (a fantastic new podcast - just incase you were under a rock with me - I didn't find them until episode 5!).

Last is another giftie for Sis. It's a pair (I swear there is another) of Roza's Socks from Grumperina. It was a fun pattern and it knit up very very quickly. I just used a very basic Jawoll yarn in a lovely burgundy.

I hope she likes them!

Last is some spinning progress. This is a merino/tencel roving that I got from the Sweet Sheep. It was dyed by Mama E of C*eye*ber fiber and it is the Lady Rosalind colourway. It is becomming a spring scarf and it is so lovely and soft and shiny and pretty and and and . . .

No promises about when the next post will be because I just tend to break them anyways! The March Break was a bit of a bust because I got really sick near the end of it. We're almost to the summer right?

Knitted on lace edgings are really really easy! And they make a lovely, nice, stretchy bind off... There's some pics in the tutorial of my Angst top (free pattern in my sidebar) of the knitted on lace edging that I did for that particular piece - you can check that out, or there should be some other on-line tutorials.

Basically you just cast on as many stitches as your lace edging calls for somewhere like an edge or the bottom of the armhole, right at the end/beginning of the row, leaving the stitches that you are edging live. Then just knit back and forth in your pattern, knitting the first stitch of the edge with the next live stitch. It's beautiful, and much more simple than it sounds... Trust me.
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