Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Things that make me happy.

These are things that make me happy. Two of them are knitterly related and the last one may keep me from blogging as much as I used to.

This is the first thing that makes me happy. Actually it's the last one to arrive but it was a great thing to come home to. Abi from Abi Knits had a spare ball winder lying around and we arranged a trade. She will soon be receiving (hopefully, hopefully) some dk silk from Knit Knackers. She also threw in some sweet sweet candy that I will be enjoying later (thank you very much Abi)

The second thing that makes me happy gets two pictures. You may remember from this post that I picked up some really cool spun silk (called rosewood) that was sari silk threads spun with a purple solid colour. I'd played with a couple of stitch patterns and eventually landed on a very basic one of yo's and k2tog and plain knit stitches that resulted in a nice open look that I really enjoy. I don't really have a picture of the whole thing because it's huge. It's taller than I am (5'7") and about 15" wide. It is super drapey and I love love love the colours.

The last is what may keep me out of the blog verse for a bit. I have been supply/substitute teaching for about four years now in Ottawa trying to land a full time job. Well it finally happened this year. I found out on Friday that I had a job teaching full time starting on Tuesday and that I wouldn't be able to see any material until then (STRESS). It's been two days so far and I'm having a blast. The job is at a school that I am very familiar with (I've supplied there plenty over the last couple of years) and teaching very interesting students. It's a tech high school so the kids are way way way more interested in masonry than what I have to say in English class but they still need to pass my class before they can gratuate so they usually respect the need to do well. The sad part about this is I've never had less spare time in my life so until things settle down I may not be around the knitverse. I'm even going to pull out of Sock Wars because I just won't be able to do it justice.

So please think good things for me as I approach my first full year of teaching.

That shawl is gorgeous! I love that the stitch pattern shows off the yarn so well.

Glad you liked the goodies, I wasn't sure if you got Reeses up in Canada, I know you can't find it in the UK.

It's hard working full time and finding time for blogging and knitting and spinning and and and.... But hopefully you won't totally disappear on us!

Good luck with the new job :-)

Have fun!
Congrats on the new job! The shawl is beautiful! Maybe you can knit during recess??

As always, your knitting is lovely. Knew you'd put that silk to good use :)

Congrats on the new job! What an exciting new chapter! I'm sure you'll find time to at least spin -- it's a great way to melt away stress:)
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