Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Another one bites the dust

Another Xmas present finished (don' t hate me - xmas stress makes me crazy). I didn't finish this on the trip because I decided to cast on another pair of summer socks for the BF. I finished it up last night and it got washed and hung to dry. I was a little surprised at the amount of colour run off I got from the Euroflax. The remaining colour is still brilliant but you really don't expect to see run off in commercial dye.

It ended up being about 60" long and 5" wide. The pattern worked really well and because it was based on garter the BF's mom can wash it without having to worry about blocking it.

I picked up a new pretty today as well. I went to Knit-Knackers to pick up some black merino for another gift and I saw this . . .

It's called Rosewood Silk and it's imported from India. The mix of the solid silk and the bits of sari silk poking through caught my eye and I just couldn't look away.

The last piece of exciting news is that I'm getting my hands on a set of hand cards tomorrow. My Mom - in typical Mom fashion - mentioned last week when I was bemoaning the cost of cards that there was a set of cards somewhere in the house. I expressed my surprise because neither my mom nor her mom were really into fibre - most of the things they knit were some blend of acrylic - very durable but not requiring a set of cards. Mom's response was that they had been made of a pretty piece of oak (so typical for my folks - if it's a good piece they'll bring it home). I'm dropping in for coffee and wool cards tomorrow. Even better my Mom is the master shopper and said that she spotted a "wool winder" (her terminology - I'm not sure exactly what it is) at the local Salvation Army for $13. We're going to check it out tomorrow as well. What an exciting day!

Yay!!! I'm so happy (and a bit jealous, mind you)! You're getting hand carders :D

And btw, the wool winder (I'm guessing) is a ball winder (mine had 'new wool winder' on the box it came in). Great find for $13! I think my hubby paid about $35 for mine last Christmas.

Someone's having a lucky week ;)
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