Thursday, August 17, 2006


It broke my heart I tell you

This is the silk that broke my heart. I was going to ply this with some Fleece Artist roving I started on a while ago and I finished spinning the 50g that I had purchased. I was winding into a centre pull ball for later plying when this happened. It is an ungodly tangle that just drifts apart when you try to figure it out. I think the only answer is going to be to get a stack of hankies to spin once I finish the Wensleydale Teeswater.

The other "dissappointment" (in quotes because in reality it wasn't that bad) were the hand cards mom had for me. They are very antique and were obviously well loved in their time but I think they are going to prove unusable . The picks on the cloth are bent down in a lot of places and the leather that holds the picks is comming away from the wood. The second small let down was that the "wool-winder" that mom spotted at the Salvation Army was actually a reeler that someone had built themselves. The arms weren't at all adjustable and I think I can actually build something better. I was hoping that it was a ball winder but until I can bring myself to spend the money - and until I have a swift-ish this to pair it with I will just use my Notsepinne. I still had a great time chatting with Mom so the day was far far far from a complete bust. Back to bemoaning my silk disaster.

:( I've heard that winding silk into a center pull ball is usually a bad idea (when you ply it sticks to itself). I felt like crying over your beautiful yet tangled mess!!

Maybe next time try winding onto an empty toliet paper roll and use it like a bobbin. Perhaps it won't slip off that way? Just a thought.....It's what I always do as I've never invested in a nostepine.

Bummer about the carders too :(

It'll be ok, Sner!! Go buy yourself another skein of that pretty silky pink yarn; it'll make you feel better ;)
My sympathies on the silk and the hand cards. I think the hakies idea is a good one.
You know, that reeler could come in really handy for winding your own handspun onto - then you can unwind with your new ballwinder! Not so good for commercial hanks, but hey - not too bad!

Have fun!
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