Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Why I love Kate Gilbert

Clapotis! So many other people have waxed poetic about this pattern that I have very little to add. It is so adaptable and very easy to follow. I find that it whips along at a break neck pace. This whole scarf took me maybe 4 hours. This is my third clapotis type scarf. I made a full sized one for my sister before I started blogging, the merino silk one for Mom and now a very very mini clapotis for me from silk I spun myself. This was another batch of silk hankies from Knit Knackers and dyed with kool aid. I only ended up with about 70 yrds (give or take) and I needed to come up with something small that would show it off. This was perfect. I finished the"set up" rows and row 1-6 of the "increase" section, worked the straight rows until I was happy with it, worked rows 1-10 of the "decrease" section and then the final rows. It only wound up being 40" long and maybe 4.5" wide but it's just long enough to go around the neck with a nice shirt and it is a lovely colour.

I've started spinning a batch of Wensleydale Teeswater Roving from Fleece Artist and it is super soft. I'm working on spinning a consistent and thin single so I have more options with plying other than just a 2 ply (with out ending up with a super bulky finished product). It's taking alot of pre-drafting but I'm pretty happy with what I'm getting so far.

wow that maroon-purple colour is gorgeous!
You're a spinning/knitting goddess!! That's the only explanation for the speed of your spinning and knitting! Awesome job on the silk hankies... and the Wensleydale is looking great!
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