Monday, August 28, 2006


Hand Spun One Skein Wonder - oh and some socks

Check another one off the list! I finished the BF's Sister's One Skein Wonder over the weekend. It's the first project with my hand spun that wasn't a scarf. I'm glad that I decided to ply the yarn. Originally I wanted a very rustic look (ala Manos / Malabrigo) but I thought that if I spun a single I would be more likely to get a bias in the finished product. The merino is very very soft and I'm kinda jealous that I'm giving this one away (she's much smaller than me so it won't even fit if I decided to steal it!). For all that I tried to spin the yarn a little uneven - the knitting seems to balance it all out, you can see a couple of very small thinish patches in the upper right and bottom left of the close up shot but other than that I am very very happy with it! Xmas knitting almost completed.

Also finished is a second pair of the BF's "must you wear socks all summer" socks. These, like the last pair were done in a Lana Grossa cotton/wool blend. This yarn is a pleasure to work with and his handknit socks got me all kinds of compliments from his extended family at the reunion a couple of weeks ago.

Glee is slowly driving me insane. Because I'm such a big beautiful busty girl I'm making the biggest size and that means that I have to do 103 rows of increases! I'm at 84 increase rows finished. I'll be so glad when I can take the sleeve stitches off the circular.

Ooh, so cute! The thinner patches really are only visible in the closeup. It's warm, pretty, and even the yarn was made by you! I'm sure it will be appreciated.

The sockies are cute too. Why do men have to have enourmous feet?
Great minds think alike! I've made that same shrug/mini-sweater myself!!! I love mine and I'm sure you'll love yours.

I'll definitely continue to keep my head up too!!! It would just be nice to make enough money to afford my own place. I told my parents that after college and grad school, my next roommate will be my husband (IF I ever get married), LOL! Love your blog and thanks for stopping by my place! :-D
I know that couch!
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