Friday, June 30, 2006


Must you wear socks with those?

If you are my boyfriend of far too many years the answer is always yes. He wears socks with everything - thankfully he doesn't wear sandals so we have avoided that disaster thus far. He does wear socks with slip on shoes all summer and it looks awful with them pushed down around his ankles. His solution? Get me to make him anklets so I don't have to hang my head in shame anymore. Fine - maybe I will - I was even nice and picked out yarn that wasn't pink (so tempting but I do acutally want him to wear these). I'm using Meilenweit Cotton Fun in the 508 colour way. He has ginormous feet however and the progress is slow. This first one has taken about a week and I'm just now at the toe. Wish me luck with the second! This is my foot in the shot so don't worry - I know I can start the toe for his socks when the foot goes over mine (simple but effective)!

Edited to add a picture of the completed sock the first. One more to go (man is feet take forever to cover)!


Your BF's socks rock.
Your spring fling looks beautiful! My mom no longer lives in Perth but in Portland now. Maybe this winter we will get up to the canal with any luck.
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