Friday, June 30, 2006


time for a quick one

With finished objects and finished yarn. To my left ladies and gentlemen is the finished Spirng Fling. It was nearly the death of me but I love the finished thing. It wears beautifully and is very comfy. It was made with Smooth DK by King Cole and even though it was acrylic it feels fantastic to the touch and it didn't squeak on the needles at all!

and just because it's pretty the merino silk I was spinning in the finished product stage. I need to do just a little more and I'll have enough to do a mini-clapotis for Mom for X-mas!

wow I just followed your link to 'the death of me' LOL I think I remember you mentioning it when it happened and I truly had no appreciation for your grief. I now feel for you! A picture definetely tells a thousand words ha?

It looks fantastic btw, can't wait to see it on you!
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