Saturday, May 27, 2006


I think I'm going to cry

This is what it looked like at my house tonight. I've got the place to myself this weekend so I thought I'd use the time to make huge progress on my Spring Fling
. I finished the back up to the end of the decreases and counted and had too many stitches. Dammnit! So I rip back to the beginning of the decreases and count again - Still too many stitches . . . Crap!! What the hell is going on. I look at the ribbing and count from the beginning. I'm making the largest size and I'm supposed to cast on 150 stitches. For some God forsaken reason I've cast on 162 stitches . . . There are no words . . . but there is wine.

It sucks even more because I've already frogged a bunch this weekend. The yarn that I'm using for this was originally the front and part of the back of a "Shapely Tank Top" but I got bored of stocking stitch. Well I hope I really like this lace pattern as much as I think I do. Here we go again!

Good thing I have a nice bottle of white all to myself tonight - I also treated myself to some amazing Thai delivery . . . it still hurts but the curry helps!

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