Friday, July 25, 2008


long time comming

well it's finally summer and I'm actually finishing projects. Here are the latest:
Mystic Light unpinned
I finally finished a mystery KAL. This is "Mystic Light", the yarn is a merino/seacell mix that I bought at Knit-knackers and dyed myself. The final measurements were 6'6" along the top and 3' deep. I'm in love with the drape and the colour and very proud of myself for finishing the damn thing!
Mystic Light close up
I also made up a Clapotis. This is probably my fourth Clap but this is the only one that has stayed with me. It's made from two skeins of the Noro Sock yarn (also bought at Knit-Knackers). I hadn't intended to make up this project but I saw the yarn and knew that it had to be done.
Noro Clapotic Complete
Being a voluptuous type I opted to make this a really good size - I mean really good. It ended up over 8' long. Blocking was a hoot!
Noro Clapotis 2
I'm working on a lot of baby knits right now. A cousin and a good friend are both expecting their first in a few months so I've got to get moving. The Fad classic mentioned in the last post is finished and I've worn it tonnes. The Tree Jacket is not getting much action in the summer but I'll try and pick it up late in August so that it will be done before spring ;-)

The other thing keeping me interested is my new drum carder. No pictures yet but I'm deeply in love with what my Strauch petite can do. I've had it ripping through all kinds of lovelies and can't wait to get the new goods on the wheel.

Hope everyone is having as much fun this summer as I am!

I can make jewelry, but I couldn't knit to save my soul. Always wanted to learn, but I feel like I'm all thumbs when I try. Beautiful work!
Hi there!

Wondering if you know Zoom (, a knitter in your area fighting cancer. We're trying to put together a knitter's blanket for her. Will you email me back if you're interested in helping?
Please forgive me if I've already contacted you -- I may be duplicating my efforts by now....
Thanks so much,
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