Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Xmas knitting comes on a pace.

I finished up all the knitting for my sister and her partner. He's recently moved to Canada from much warmer climes so I wanted to make sure he would have something warm to wear.

Pictured below are a fake isle hat (pattern from Magknits) and a one row scarf from the Yarn Harlot. I made both out of Paton's SWS. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I particularly like the striping on the scarf. I hope they do the trick when it really starts to get cold here.
fake isle hat
one row scarf wrapped
one row scarf long

My Sister got a hat too but it's very special. One of the spinning groups on Ravelry is having a monthly spin a long and for September it was Merino in "end of summer" colours. I hand dyed 200 grams of merino (which I showed you here) and spun it up into this:
Sept SAL cose up
It kills me how pretty it turned out (if I do say so myself). It is a traditional 3 ply and about a worsted weight. It very quickly turned into:
maple key hat
and these
The mitts are Dashing from knitty with some alterations. I didn't make them as long as the pattern calls for but the cables really hug the wrist and I think they'll keep my Sister very warm.

I've also been working on the Secret of the Stole which is exceptionally pretty. I know I bailed on the Mystery Stole this summer but I'm actually really enjoying this one. The picture shows the end of clue number one and I'm most of the way through number two (never mind that three is already posted).
SotS Clue 1
It also pains me to admit that I've signed up for another mystery lace project - the Mystic Waters KAL. It's not my fault though, the designer is from Ottawa and I really had no choice ;-). I'm using some malabrigo lace for it and the first clue is released tomorrow. I think I may need help!

I love th efake isle hat! Everything turned out wonderful!
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