Thursday, September 20, 2007


Just in time for fall I present you. . .

A summer top (it never fails).
This is Josephine from IK Summer 2007. I used some Debbie Bliss wool/cotton that is now discontinued (but that I got for a song at Knit Knackers). I made the largest size and the only real modification I made was to increase the length of the top part (past the eyelets) by 2" to account for my bust. I love how it fits - I wore it to my school today and everyone else seemed to like it too. Luckily we're having a bit of a warm snap this week so maybe I'll get another wear or two out of it before it has to be put away for next summer.

I've also finished up a little more Xmas knitting
Kathy's Xmas 2007 sweater bag
This is for the BF's sister. I didn't actually knit it myself but I did do a lot of work so I'm going to claim it anyways. I went to my local Value Village and found a lovely child's sweater that looked like it was made from something Lopi"esque". There was no label so I assume it was handmade. I took it home and felted it to within an inch of it's life, cut off the sleves and sewed up the bottom. I sewed down the crew neck and attached a leather strap and now I have what I think is a very cute recycled sweater bag. His sister is big into responsible consumerism so I know she will enjoy this!

Now for my Dad (who has stated that all he ever wants are more socks)
Dad's Xmas Socks
This is the Spring Cable pattern and some very generic plain grey sock yarn. My BF took one look at these and decided that I should make him a pair as well. I told him no problem but he gets socks all year so he would have to go to the back of the line. He was good humoured but less than impressed (I don't know what he has to complain about - he already has like 10 pairs of handknit socks).

This is the first in the pair of socks from the yarn that I squirt dyed and showed here. I love how the colours look but I'm a little terrified that the chevron pattern is going to make them too small. I won't really know until I have more foot knitted - please thing positive things!
socks of awesomness in progress

School is amazing right now. I have a couple of really great groups of kids. I still don't have a lot of time for knitting and spinning but I'm doing what I can. I finished some yarn last night that I think will be for my Sister's Xmas gift but I haven't really decided yet.

Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon!

NIce to see you posting again - September is always so busy. I like your socks of awesomeness!
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