Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Who knew I was such a joiner?

I've signed myself up for two "alongs" this summer. The Tour De Fleece and Mystery Stole 3
I've been having a lot of fun with both. I don't have any pictures of the mystery stole yet but I'm using Elann's new laceweight which is an Alpaca Merino and is very nice. I've finished clue one and should start clue two tonight. This is by far the most difficult lace I've ever worked on. I need to keep track of every single row. I have one of the big red "clicker" row counters and I rarely use it. The boyfriend picked it up this weekend and randomly clicked away on it (after having watched me using it for the last half hour). I almost fainted - he appologized and normally it wouldn't have been a big deal but it just about killed me. He did all the make up work (he counted stitches and matched it to the row on the chart) so I can't fault him too much.

I did finish one lace project recently. This is a Spring Things shawl. I made it with a fingering weight mohair that I got on sale a year ago. The idea was to have a huge wrap to take outside in the morning if I wanted to have a coffee on the patio - now that I'm a lady of leasure for the summer. I did four more repeats of the first chart and in the end the shawl measures 80" across the top and almost 40" top to bottom. I'm thrilled with it and as long as I remember to make time to have coffee it should see alot of use.

For the Tour de Fleece I'm working at spinning up12.5 oz of Tunis Fleece I got from a great etsy seller. I've already carded it all and added two ounces of fleece I got from Knit-Knackers just to up the yardage.

Left to right we have the fleece as it arrived at my door (Walmart bag and all). Centre is about one third of the rolags. The bright green in the middle is the added fleece. I've devided about ten rolags of green amonst three bags of tunis rolags. I'm hoping by having a shot of green in each bobbin I will get more continuity in the finished yarn. In reality I'm not going to care but I thought it would be interesting to try. On the right is the first finished bobbin. I'm learning that I really need to work on my carding. Some rolags were a real pleasure and then some were just torture. I'm not sure I'll have it done in time but it certainly has inspired me to spin every single day.
This is the other thing I've finished. It's a second pair of Roza's socks. The first pair went to my sister but these are all for me!!
I used Fleece Artist Merino and as always it was a pleasure to use. I have one skein of Sea Wool that I scored at Wool N Things that I've been saving so I think it may be next.

Beautiful work!! :-)
Gorgeous stuff! I actually just purchased 14oz of merino cross fleece from the same vendor this morning. Can't wait to get it! I'd like to try some of the Tunis sometime too!
my you've been very busy...the shawl is absolutely beautiful...what a fibre delight you have
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