Sunday, February 25, 2007


That's Nice Dear,

Geez, you'd think the bf would be more excited when I ran across the room cheerfully explaining that I'd navajo'd for the first time and it was so pretty! ;-)

This is 100 grams of Fleece Artist 60% merino and 30% silk and it is beautiful. The plying was difficult and I'm sure I had the ratio too high. I ended up with 320ish yards of 15 wpi (right between sport and fingering). I think this will become a wideish scarf knit lengthwise to take advantage of the colour progression.

I'm just so proud of this one (the drape is fantastic by the way) that I have to include a close up shot. There are definately places that need improvement but all in all I'm very happy.

This is a one skien wonder I made for my sister from elite silk. I made a cute lace edging and sewed it onto the sleeves rather than have them a simple seed stitch. I can't give this to her until April when she comes for a visit (it was for her birthday in January) but I hope that it will be perfect to pair with jeans and a simple shirt. I'm also furiously whipping out a pair of Roza's Socks for her from some simple Jawoll yarn. The brioche stitch is surprisingly easy!

Next up is my best sweater to date. It is another Interweave wonder - the Portland Pullover. My neck didn't stay up like the models but it is super comfy and I love it. I made out of Suri Dream from Knit Picks and it is very cozy next to the skin.

I'm working on a couple of other socks and some merino tencel for socks on the wheel now. March break is comming and I can't wait to have more time for the knitting and spinning (and hopefully blogging).

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Lovely Fleece Artist - fabulous spinning & plying! It's sooo shiny and the colors are gorgeous!
that sweater matches your round pendant that I always admire perfectly!

I also love how your yarn turned out - gorgeous!
You spun Fleece Artist Fiber is absolutely stunny. I think I will need to give navajo plying a try real soon.
Oh wow - it's gorgeous! Drooool....

I get so frustrated sometimes, with my family and bf - their eyes just do tend to glaze over after a while - uh huh - that's nice kinda way...

That's what blogging is for!

Thanks so much for sharing :-)
Woot! I think it's lovely.
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