Thursday, January 11, 2007


Now this is what we call spinning

Ahh, that feels good. This is the BF's sock yarn plied and finished and (I think) lovely.

The Specs:

Yardage: 452 yards from just under 5oz
WPI: 17 wraps (around fingering)
Material: Superwash Lambswool

The Spinner: Happy Happy Happy!

It was realy a pleasure to up the ratio to 20:1 and spin thin like I'm used to doing on my spindle. I loved watching the blues come togeather. I wish there had been a little more of the super dark stuff but I think the socks will turn out quite lovely.

Just for the sheer pretty - below are the singles before plying! This stuff is so soft and it was super easy to draft.

Now on to my sock roving (see previous post for colours

The yarn is just gorgeous!
Lovely lovely spinning and dyeing!

Can't wait to see the sockies!
love the blues...
Now that just came out perfectly! Your bf is going to love his handspun socks :-)

I still wanna see what the other roving is going to grow up to be though! I really think it's going to be pretty - have fun with it :-)
Just found your blog. I love blues and these are very beautiful. I agree they will make nice socks.
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