Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Soon my pretties soon. . . .

There should be a Kromski Minstrel wheel in my mail very very soon. The BF and I gave each other permission to make one extravagent purchase for Xmas and this was mine. I paid for it on December 7 and I hope hope hope that I get it before the holiday. I can't stop thinking about spinning on my new wheel. I know, however, that I will have to be paitient. I tried to save myself a little cash by getting the unfinished wheel so I'm going to have to take some time to finish it before I start spinning - right now I'm thinking a simple oil finish, nothing fancy.

I'm also waiting on some "violet's pink ribbon" from Lisa Souza. This is my first purchase from her so I'm afraid it may turn into something of an addiction.

I find myself searching Etsy and Ebay for interesting dyed roving and it struck me today that I could just go to knit-knackers and get some undyed roving and dye it myself with my wiltons with the full knowledge that it will split and be all cool and interesting. I think that's my afterschool project for today!

Sorry that there aren't any pictures. I finished all my xmas knitting on the weekend but everybody knows about the blog so none of it is safe until it is handed out. Maybe there will be some pictures of a pretty wheel in the next couple of days!

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