Sunday, August 20, 2006


This makes me feel all kinds of better

After the silk debacle this is making me feel much much better. This is a very boring looking black merino for another Xmas present. My BF's sister saw my One Skein Wonder last weekend at the family reunion and was completely enamoured. Her only request was that it be black which is easy enough but I wanted it to be a little special. She's kinda a rustic type of girl so I was thinking something like a Manos or a Malabrigo but the only in town source is at the far away yarn store and I thought I'd make it super special by spinning the yarn myself. She's a wee slip of a thing so it's only costing me about $10 for all the fibre (did I mention it's Merino). I spun it a little thick and thin to keep it rustic and started knitting this weekend.

This is the first weekend in a while that the BF and I haven't had to run to some other city for some event or another so I had the whole weekend to do house work and knit (which I'm surprisingly happy about - we were both letting the place get a little run down). Here's the progress shot but in actuality when I put it down tonight I'd finished one sleeve and only have a little more to do before I can check another one off the list for December.

I also made progress on my Glee but it is very boring to look at so I'll spare you. The final set of projects for the weekend was to work on two pairs of socks I have on the go (I'm trying to free all my sock needles for Sock Wars). I've finished one of each pair. This photo makes me giggle because I don't have small feet (size 10 womens) and my BF's socks dwarf mine but a large amount. I'm completely in love with the colour of my socks from Spunky Ecletic in the "confused" colourway. There was some pooling around the gusset but I actually really like it (being the random type that I am). BF's are in a Lana Grossa cotton blend. With any luck I'll have at least one pair done by next weekend with all the bus knitting on the way to work this week.

Mmmmmmmmmm - Merino! I bet that is going to be one well loved Christmas present.

Man, it sure does suck when your silk gets all tangled like yours did. Best thing I've found for silk is that it is really not suitable for plying from center pull balls - tangles are just too easy! What I do is wind off my spindle onto an empty label roll (same idea as a tp roll, but sturdier), and then ply from there.

Also, I just happen to have an extra ball winder - I'd be willing to trade you for something.... I can't guarantee how well the gears will hold out, but it's one of the "bigger" ones that we found and cleaned up... Let me know - if you want to e-mail me directly it's abiknitsATyahooDOTcom
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