Friday, August 11, 2006


pretty pictures

Not much to say - just wanted to get a couple of "in progress" pictures up as a backdrop to my driving this weekend. We're going to the BF's parents this weekend for a family reunion of sorts. It should be a great time - lots of Italians (who I love) - lots of great food (also love) - even more good times! It's not alot of driving (about 5 hours total) but I hope to work on these two projects:

Glee has just begun but is now stalled because I need new needles. I love my Denise needles(please don't get me wrong) but the size 5's always seem to have issues disconnecting mid knit. I think it's because the cord and the needle are so close in size. As the stitches twist around the cord they are close enough in size that they cause the needle tip to disconnect. So now I need to go to the LYS (shucks). I'm digging the colour and the rustic feel of the yarn!

The other project is a green linen scarf for my Mother "all but in-law". She hates wool (I just don't understand) so I thought this would be a good alternative because it will be so soft once it's washed. It's essentially my own design in so much as I found a lace pattern in a Walker Treasury and cast on!

We'll see how much I can get done in 5 hours!

I really love the projects you're working on at the moment, especially the green linen scarf - the pattern is so delicate, and the color looks great! Have a great time at the family reunion, and happy knitting!

Dipsy D.
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