Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Where is all my sock yarn going?

Why is it leaving me? To become part of something bigger and better!! The Heathen Housewife is looking for donations to help her make up a "left overs" sock yarn blanket and I was more than happy to get rid of the bits I just couldn't bear to throw away. I hope she enjoys them.

Good news on the Alpaca dying front. I snipped a little bit of a ball last night and tried over dying it with Grape Kool-Aid and it looks like I should be able to pull off a dusky midnight purple when all's said and done.

I went to Yarn Forward yesterday (and I didn't even mean too - I think they have a magnet in there) and I found the most beautiful single skien of Euroflax lace weight in "marble red" (I'll try and get pictures later). I almost didn't take it home (it was the last one and I would have prefered more yardage) but it was so pretty that it had to be mine. I'm thinking some sort of lacy scarf/stoley thing but I'm forcing myself to finish a couple of things first. I finished the second of the BF's "Must You" socks yesterday. I hope to finish off the second of a pair from Vintage Knitted Socks that has been sitting on my desk for ages and maybe if I'm really dedicated I'll finish the alpaca scarf before I break open the Euroflax. It's unlikely but I'll really try.

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