Thursday, July 13, 2006


Part II

As promised the other project that I finished during the long car ride this past weekend (is it Thursday already!!). I knit up a fantastically fun Dream Swatch in Eden colour 626. The yarn was left over from an Xmas gift I made for the BF's sister last year and I was looking for something short and sweet to do with it. It went really quickly and was a joy to do - just the right mix of paying attention rows followed by blissful mindless rows. This one is for me and me alone but I think the pattern might work as a gift for my oh so fashionable sister. I used just a smidge (technical term) over one skein and I think if I make it again I will use more. I'm not much of a head wrap person (I have really short hair so it's not often necessary) but I do really like the pattern as a summer or dressy scarf - it adds a little colour just where you need it.

I'm really excited to get home tonight. I finished spinning up some Alpaca yesterday but it was too late to try my hand at the new Wilton Dyes I picked up so tonight is the night. I have a brown and cornflower blue dyes and I hope to approximate something like this. Wish me luck!

It's very pretty! You seem to be one step ahead of me. I'm working on clapotis now, and the dream swatch is coming up next. :)
dang it sner you so talented!
Thanks for sharing these pitures and the link- this is really pretty! I love your Liesel too.
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