Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It's amazing what you can do with 10 hours in a car

The BF and I went to a friends' cottage this weekend near Bracebridge and had an amazing time just relaxing and swimming. I finished a bunch of stuff in the car (5 hours there - 5 hours back). The one I am most proud of is my handspun Clapotis. It is amazingly soft and it was a blast to take this project from this to this to this to . . . . . . . This -

It was such a satisfying project and I can't wait until I've spun enough Alpaca (my new spinning project) to do something with. I think if I can spin it fine enough I'd love to do a lacey scarf that would still be very warm. The Alpaca is the purest white and I think I will try my hand at dying with Wilton's. I also finished a Dream Swatch - it's blocking right now - pictures tomorrow. One last shot of Merino Silk goodness .

That's amazing...it's hard to believe that I'll ever be able to spin more than 30 yards in a freaking week. Thanks for the encouragement! ;)
Wow, that is gorgeous!! Great job! Enjoy it!
Very cool! Nice spinning job, and how cool to take your handspun into a FO!
oh it looks so nice and soft! Great work sner.
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