Wednesday, June 28, 2006


spining silk into . . . more silk

On Tuesday I went to my fibre crack den and picked up a small package of three silk hankies. I thought it would be interesting to try dying them (as I've never done the Kool-Aid thing before). I have to say the results were interesting.
Here is one of the hankies after dying and drying.

I wish I'd used less of the purple and more of the green - also that I'd eliminated more of the white but not bad for a first attempt right?

I then followed the excellent instructions from Knitty and had a blast spinning the many hankies that my $2.25 yeilded on my new Kundert Spindle - it is so pretty and simple. Steve was fantastic. He was emailing me about the weight of the finished product, he kept me updated about what was happening and he had the beauty out to me in record time! If I could convince myself that I needed another I wouldn't hesitate to buy another from him!

and the finished product!! I think it looks ok but I'm not totally even yet. I'm also lying when I say that it's done. Right now the skein (which yielded ~ 30 yrds) is drying in my laundry room after a short soak. I'm hoping that the yarn will even out slightly but I'm still very enamoured with it. It's so shiny and all.

Your yarn looks great! I purchased a drop spindle last summer and have yet to use it. I came across your blog on knitty, and just wanted to say I'm a fellow Canadian, living in Connecticut. Have you been to Perth? that's where I grew up. I miss Ottawa, especially skating on the canal.
ooooh purrty!
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