Sunday, June 25, 2006


So this is the post with a lot of pictures

Which I really enjoy when I'm looking at blogs so I hope you will too.

These are dad's finished socks after blocking and they fit him like a glove.

The next lot are pictures of my new obsession - about two weeks ago I was at Knit Knackers just looking at sock yarn and I got caught by the pretty corriedale roving and the woman minding the store asked if I knew how to spin. I didn't and she offered to teach me on the drop spindle (for a very reasonable fee). She was super sweet and it seems like such an inoccuous craft as it was relatively inexpensive. My first yarn wasn't so pretty.

Oh so very uneven . . . . . This was some natural colour BFL that was eventually easy to spin but the slubbyness was unholy! Then I got to work on the corriedale. I just alternated the three colours that I had taken home and then plyed them togeather to see what would happen.

See - it's getting better. I used the Andean Ply bracelet and it worked really well. I then gave it a good bath and weighted it as it dried so it's actually balanced. So what to do now that I'm sort of getting better. I go back to the LYS and buy some "relatively expensive" stuff. I picked up 100g of black merino and white shiny silk blend and tried spinning it a different way. I figured out - with the help of a few web sites- how to spin from the fold and it worked really well for this yarn. Here's where I was on Friday night. It's really pretty and soft - so soft. As of today I finished spinning the lot, plyed the whole thing, and hung it to dry after a nice bath. It came out to about 111yrds of a heavyish worsted so if I want to use it for anything I should really pick up another 100g. I think it may become a Xmas gift for Mom (don't judge me for planning early - I don't handle stress well).

I've started work on the Elann Sonata Print tank top and I've started work on my very on Picovoli in Knit Picks Shine Sport. So far so good.

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