Thursday, June 15, 2006


See - I do other stuff than knit . . . .

I finally finished a painting that I've been working on for months. I meant it to be for my Dad (a real wine fancier) for Dad's day but his B-day is in August and I think I'll wait until then so I can find a good frame. The painting is a paint by number but I found it really challenging. I've done a number of these types of paitings before but this was the first one in which I was given about 8 colours and had to mix them to achive the variations needed for the image.

There is a debate if I should put his initials on the wine label in caligraphy or fancy script - thankfully I still have a couple months to decide!

In an unprecidented burst of craftiness I also got my old sewing machine up and running to make this. . .

I was inspired and blatently stole the directions from Grumperina (scroll down to "Sore Subject"). It works beautifully but I definately need to work on sewing a straight line!

It was a lot of fun to make this but I broke a few (three) needles trying to sew the small elastic loops to close the thing. I kept hitting the pin even though I'd pinned it correctly. Oh well - last time I buy sewing machine needles from the dollar store!

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