Friday, June 09, 2006


Beautiful Fleece Artist

What a lovely company to work with! In less than a week I had a replacement ball of sock wool that had already been wound to check for problems. They even said that if I didn't like the colour I could pick another from the website. This kind of customer service is second to none and it makes me proud to support this Canadian company. I have written an email expressing my thanks but I will probably vote with my dollars as well!

Welcome to the great world of blog. I love your Hedera socks! Wow!!!
The crafts at LadyFest are like no other craft sale you've ever been.

There will be:

-rock'n'roll pins
-pin-up poster toilet seats
-crocheted stuff (par moi!)
-hand made paper and books
-really need stationery
-vegan brownies
-ipod covers
-stuff like that

It'll sure to inspire.

Make sure to say hi!
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