Monday, May 22, 2006


socks, socks, socks

It feels like I'm knitting nothing but socks right now. . . Alot of that is because I knit on the bus and a full pullover is just a little too much baggage but I also love the instant gratification and the fact that you can't screw up the shaping too too much.

These are some socks I made up for the bf for our four year anniversary this past weekend. As much as I love that he loves my knit socks his huge feet (size 12) make it something of a challenge. I didn't use any pattern for these. I just cast on 76 on 2.5mm needles (four double points) and knit for 7", short rowed a heel down to 1 1/2", knit the foot FOREVER, and decreased as for a standard toe until I had 28 stitches left and grafted.

I was seriously worried that I wouldn't have enough wool to finish. My mom was giving me a hard time about not giving the bf enough leg but it really was a choice between leg or foot. I went for foot. The evidence speaks for itself . This is all that was left from two 50g balls.

I also finished a pair of Hedera
from Knitty for my Mom for Mother's day last week. My mom is a fantastic knitter of the old school and while she has made socks they were mostly worsted weight and certainly not lace. I hope she likes them. All the piano students who saw them really liked them ("especially the holes" as one said). I hope that I encourage my piano students to be creative and crafty when they see that I do things like knit and paint and such. I really wish more kids were introduced to the creative arts and the traditional crafts. More on that rant later, for now here are mom's Hedera.

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